Art Direction for Pain

I have art directed on many pain products including the launches of Vioxx, Excedrin Migraine and Ultracet as well as the ongoing accounts for Celebrex and Ultram. The main challenge for Ultracet, which was for mild to moderately severe pain, was to convince physicians and their patients that they would still function in their day-to-day lives while taking the product. My solution was to show various patients in their activities of work and play. We had a lot of fun with direct mail and sales pieces which were cut in half to show the people in various outfits and functions in their lives. The board game was part of a sales rep training and taught them about various "states" of pain. _____________________________ The second ad was for the launch of Ultram SR, the next generation of Ultram after Ultracet. It was an extended form of the product which evoked the imagery of the "long-legged" man.

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